Witches’ Brew – for 200m2


Get enough Witches’ Brew to do 200m2 of soil, within 4 months.

Grow plants like you’ve never seen before

Apply every 4 months for best results.


Organic liquid soil improver.

You will receive 1L bottle, 2 blue cap syringes and 2 black cap syringes.

Witches’ Brew ™:
1/ Fill bottle with 1/2 litre of water
2/ Empty 1x syringe BLUE cap/A
3/ Empty 1x syringe BLACK cap/B
4/ Top up bottle with 1/2 litre of water
5/ Let it brew for 2 days.

6/ Use 50ml of the brew into 1 litre of water (=5m2) and pour onto the soil OR
spray undiluted 2/3 spays per pot/plant on the soil.
Every 4 months.

Use the brew within 3 weeks.
Use the syringes within 4 months

Organic Soil Improver containing a large number of bacteria which capture and fix free atmospheric Nitrogen, making it available to the plant when required. Healthier soil, bigger plants, better quality fruits, better tasting veggies, heaps of flowers and great turf but also:

Regulates PH of soil to suit the plants

Increase soil mineral availability

Rapid breakdown of organic matter in the soil

Insect resistance due to improved plant health

Improved root growth

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