Blood of Witch – 1L


Carbon spray

Grow plants like you’ve never seen before

Apply weekly – monthly for best results. Shake well before use. Always mist! Don’t spray.

Use the brew within 2 months
Use the syringes within 4 months



You will receive 1L bottle and 3 black cap syringes.

Blood of Witch ™:
1/ Fill bottle with 900-1 litre of water
2/ Empty 3x syringe BLACK cap/B
3/ Shake well, ready to use.

MIST on the plant/leave. Do not spray. Spraying can cause burns.

Carbon shapes the framework for all organic molecules. It is the basic building block for all plant life. It takes energy from the sun simular to a solar panel and gives energy to the plant to;

Transfer and strength plant membrane integrity

Enhance nutrient uptake

Increase sugar, starch and proteins.

Contains Fulvic and Humic Carbon, N, P, K, Mo

Witches online folder 1.0

Additional information

Weight 500 g


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