Witches’ Brew™ has been created by Malcolm Foyle and Fiona Ebbelink. Malcolm is selling the mother product for 20+ years all over Australia and New Zealand. Farms getting more crop, better quality and are more environmental friendly (saving money by cutting fertiliser, more crop and better quality, less diseases, less water use).

A lot of times he heard farmers say to him; “What kind of Witches Brew are you trying to sell me”. The name was there and the development of a backyard product that can be easily used was born.

Head office is located in Woodford Qld since 2015. We started at the Caboolture markets in July 2017 with only one product Witches’ Brew™.

We like to see healthy gardens that can grow fruit, veggies and pretties to look at. GROW PLANTS LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

P.s If you are a farmer who wants all off the above; contact us on info@nnc-cat.com