• How do I apply Witches’ Brew?

Witches’ Brew needs to be added to water. About 50ml per Litre of water. Spray or poor.

Best practice; Apply Witches’ Brew on moist soil. Water it in.

  • When is the best time to put Witches’ Brew on?

Best practice; at planting. Dig the hole, water, spray us in and plant. Mulch on top.

Established garden; anytime, spray/poor on soil, water, mulch on top.

  • When is the best time to put Witches’ Brew on fruittrees?

Best practice for green staying trees; 3 x 300ml a year (in 5 litre of water). The most important one is 2 weeks before bud burst then at flowering and then at the end of the crop.

Best practice for leaf loosing trees; 2 x 400ml a year (in 5 litre of water). The most important one is around picking time, the second 3 weeks before bud burst. ring and then at the end of the crop.

If you follow best practice your result will show at first crop. Otherwise you will have to wait a little longer to get your increase in crop but it will still benefit your tree enormously.

  • Why do you say apply every 4 to 6 months?

Depending if you want to push your plants or not and depending on what you are growing. Veggies will have enough on 1 application, bushes will do every 6 months, fruit trees 4/6 months. Up to you! Remember, you can’t over fertilise since the plant will ask for it and our bacteria will then supply.

  • I use manure. Do I still use Witches’ Brew?

Yes! Organic fertilizer is not very high in Nitrogen so we will give that plus. But what about all the other benefits we told you about; softer soil, less diseases, less water usage, more and better quality fruit and veggies. Our bacteria will also make sure the fertilizer breaks down quicker and easier so the plant can benefit sooner of the organic goodies.

  • How do I use that little bag?

We have created those little bags specially for pot plants. Just take it out of the plastic bag and break it open. Leave the bag on the soil and water in. You can cut the bag in smaller pieces about 4 (10cm) pots a bag. It will work for 4 months. The bag contains a non toxic, organic food source for our bacteria and is not harmful for humans or animals (not for consumption).