About Witches’ Brew

Witches’ Brew™ is a brewed up organic soil improver based on Nitrogen Fixation, invented by the late professor George Sarantakos in the 1960’s and Australian made since 1997.  It produces award winning crops, rejuvenates soil, provides a better income for farmers with less pollution.

Witches’ Brew™ is a liquid organic soil dressing which captures and fixes free atmospheric Nitrogen, making it available to the plant as required. The power of Witches’ Brew™ can completely transform a poor soil to a rich and nutritious soil, over time. It is a organic compost extract containing immobilized bacteria and enzymes. It is a completely natural product which may be used in conjunction with or in place of nitrogenous chemical fertilizers on any crop / plant.

The primary purpose is to fix Nitrogen in a predicable and measurable manner. It actually communicates with the plant to provide optimum conditions for healthy growth, freeing nutrients as required and adjusting soil conditions to suit. It can provide up to 138 units of Nitrogen per 4 months if the plant requires. Since it is an ask and demand game; you can’t over fertilise with Witches’ Brew™.

Witches’ Brew™ can give an increased yield, better quality yield and reduces the cost of chemicals.

Witches’ Brew™ is completely safe. It is non-toxic, non-pathogenic. It presents no hazard to plants, animals or humans. It has total approval of Agricultural and Environmental authorities. If spilt, it may be washed away with water.