Witches’ Brew™ takes Nitrogen out of the atmosphere and makes it available to the plant.

It improves the soil by making it softer, neutralising PH, getting rid of soil diseases.

That makes your root structure stronger, you will get more fruit, veggies or flowers.

Because the plant is healthier you will get less insect attacks.

You will get more fruit and veggies and the quality will be better (on irrigated farms we guarantee an 30% increase in crop).

The shelf life will be longer.

Protein will be higher.

You only apply Witches’ Brew™ every 4 months. Add us to water and poor or spray us on the soil around the plant. Water the bacteria in and watch, see and enjoy!

Buy Witches’ Brew™ that contains live bacteria and enzymes today and

Grow plants like you’ve never seen before.

Australian made since 1997 – Non toxic

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